Resources from Presentation to the Low Carbon Network

 Creating Essential Value in the One Planet World

The premise of this presentation was that business success and growth depends on recognising that resources are increasingly becoming more constrained by price and absolute availability.

The effect of this is starting to limit spending to what the customer considers ‘Essential Value’ and organisations must move to creating this to survive and grow.

Government is also starting to recognise this in the DEFRA report just published, Resource Security Action Plan .

Recognition of this new reality has not yet hit the mainstream and forward thinking organisations can lever this to their competitive advantage.

Creating Essential Value Presentation Essential Value

What we can say about the  One Planet World underlying future strategic business Planing?

The fundamental premise for the presentation is that organisations, must move away from environmental and social issues as the prime driver of organisational strategy to one of the identification and creation of ‘essential’ value and minimum resource use, environmental impact and maximum social gain.

To do this requires no tools or insights but requires a rediscovery of the concept of Quality, holistically applied.

If your organisation would like to discuss these issues further as a means of gaining competitive advantage please email

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