Information Roundup

Information roundup – 5 Feb 09


Main Street is the Answer to Oil Dependency

‘Energy Efficiency Resource Standard’ Would Reduce Energy Costs

Lord Stern: Banks Have Role In Low Carbon Economy

Adapting In Place: Whether, Why and Wherefore Ought Thou

Clean Energy Roundup: February 4, 2009

E.U. Announces $2.3 Billion Low Carbon Stimulus

Study Says All Green Jobs Aren’t Created Equal

The value of overseas experiences in transforming young people’s lives

Peak Oil Review – Feb 2



Information Update – 29 Jan 09

U.S. Cities Attempt to Boost Environmental Awareness with Electronic Tools

Beef contributes 13 times the greenhouse gas impact of chicken, 57x potatoes

Navigating the downturn: Lenovo CEO Bill Amelio

Weekly Clean Energy Roundup: January 28, 2009

AFS Trinity Revs Up Prototype for 150 MPG Hybrid Electric SUV

Cradle to Cradle Certification Now Available for Product Ingredients

 The Climate Comes to Washington

Information Roundup – 22 Jan 09

Toyota passes GM as world’s largest carmaker

New UK Building Sustainability Magazine

Household Dry Food Storage Guide

Harnessing creativity to power up the economy


Nonverbal Obama: Aside From His Words

Schwarzenegger Petitions Obama to Terminate EPA Emissions Ruling

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Information Roundup – 15 Jan 09

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