About us

This blog aims to enable discussion of how we can transition successfully to a low carbon future and is based on the premise that this future will be with us soon, either by design or negligence.

It is not just a blog about technology but also about how we create and manage organisations to continually improve the sustainability of those organisations, communities and societies.

It is predicated on four tenets

  • That we are addicted to the hugely ineffective use of energy and other resources
  • That most current discourse is centred on the ‘symptoms’ our addiction causes – climate change, environmental, social and economic failures
  • That human beings are, and have been, ingenious and enterprising since the dawn of our species.
  • That ‘our’ future is ‘our’ problem – that the Earth will most probably manage very well without us.

Many other sources are concentrating on the problems our addiction is causing from an ‘symptoms’ perspective, which appeals to many, as it gives the appearance of concern, whilst putting off action until tomorrow. Many others have a genuine desire to see immediate change but through a natural and emotional wish to deal with the symptoms are having their efforts dissipated.

The ‘One Planet Equation’ makes clear the effect our addiction is having and makes explicit the action needed – to continually reduce the resource intensity of all the products and services we consume. This is the real challenge we face if we are to create a economic future that is more equitable, whilst eliminating the risks of environmental and social failures in its creation.

We want as organisations, communities and societies to continually improve the ‘quality of our lives’ and this can only be achieved, logically, by continually improving the ‘quality’ of the products and services we create and consume over their life-cycle.

We must ‘Do the Right Thing’ – be effective in our use of resources and ‘Do it Right Every Time’ – be efficient in our use of those resources. This is a Journey, not a destination and has at its core the need for a  momentous effort of ‘quality improvement’ driven by human ingenuity that the world has not yet experienced.

As Amory Lovins says in his open message I posted

We can’t do everything; doing just anything may miss the mark; doing nothing is unacceptable; but doing the right things at the right time can make all the difference.”

We face many challenges to achieving this, not least, the economic failure we are now experiencing and the natural response to ‘fight the last war with obsolete weapon’s’ but we have no option but to enter the future and we must envision what this future will be.

Human ingenuity and enterprise will ensure that some societies and organisations will exist and thrive as we attempt to ‘keep ahead of the oil curve.’ All future ingenuity, research, education, legislation and incentives must be directed to this end.

Derek Deighton

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This work is dedicated to my grandchildren – Keeley, Jordan, Callum,  Jack, Cuan and Brayden




The language used here might seem monotonous with certain phrases and words being used very often. It is tempting to use a variety of ways of describing the same thing for interest’s sake but that has already happened as outlined above, to the confusion of the necessary action required by us all.


Purpose of Blog

 This site is dedicated to issues around systems thinking and how I see that in terms of the ‘one planet equation’. This blog is for readers to ignore, rubbish, challenge or add to my thoughts.

My feeling is that these issues are time critical and absent from the education system and general discourse at the moment, but are at the core of our future as a society.

I am trying to make it a source of research material by including links and downloadable material and attempting to make my comments as concise and as provocative as possible to stimulate debate. However, I would like to believe there is some element of truth in all of them.

No comments of mine will be directed at individuals and no comments sent in will be accepted that are.



  1. Thank you for this great blog Derek – a rich resource. There is so much we can do – and you are helping us to do it. Best wishes for the New Year.

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