Essential Value -Impossible Challenge or Challenging adventure?

Gail Tverberg has just released a presentation  that attempts to sum up the energy situation global society faces and how the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States might be affected and influenced by it.

This is a plausible objective analysis that correlates well with the work of Chris Martenson and others such as the Post Carbon Institute.

Gail’s analysis is not a rosy one nor has she the time to spend on possible, if difficult to implement solutions. Her thrust appearing to be that there ‘aren’t any at the current level of humanity’. In this she is undoubtedly right but the question remains “how do we define a framework for democratic systems that can work effectively in the resource and energy constrained future we face?”

Do we want to see the future as an impossible challenge or a challenging adventure? Given a rational choice I believe humans would choose the latter.

This slide is presented as part of her presentation


It sums up the premise of this blog, that as limits of complexity are reached, individuals will seek to maximise the Essential Value they need to directly maximise the Quality of Life for themselves and their families.

Civil Society can enable or impede this and those societies that enable it will survive and those that don’t will perish, with tragic consequences for their citizens.

What is clear is that most of the waste of effort and resources, Non Essential Value, in societies is the result of absent organisational learning and improvement in governance. Our Western Democracies, as presently implemented being the principle culprits.

A number of posts on this blog give ways we can think about ‘recreating the Democratic Process’ to maximise the creation, use, retention and equitable distribution of Essential Value. Among them

The Essential Value and Resource Intensity Impact Assessment

Rethinking Democracy


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