The Baby and the Essential Value and Resource Intensity Impact Assessment

I wrote in a previous post Rethinking Democracy referenced to the Diagram this diagram.


There is no direct connection between democratic accountability and in-process control. the connection is though a ‘moderator’ and political parties and their agents can only change control factors through an, independently moderated, Essential Value and Resource Intensity impact assessment.”

This is a simple statement to make and contains many issues in its formulation and execution, but it is easy to illustrate the concept of an ‘Essential Value and Resource Intensity Impact Assessment’ without recourse to the many analysis and evaluation tools available to specialists.

You are a couple who have created a system for yourselves that satisfies most levels of Maslow’s Pyramid to some extent but then you find that a happy event is due in a few months. You have of course an amount of money coming into your system that is supplying you with a certain amount of energy and other resources. (of course being part of a larger system other resources may be available, from parents or elsewhere)

However, as soon as you are aware of the imminent arrival of another human soul in your midst the average Resource Intensity of your life as individuals falls. (especially if resources available fall because one of you might have to give up work).

What do you do then? Well, formally or informally, you do an ‘Essential Value and Resource Intensity Impact Assessment’. Your system must work to identify, maximise, defend, retain and equitably distribute, over time, the Essential Value needed for its prosperity and growth.

What is the Essential Value in your system? What can you dispense with in the different levels of Maslow’s Pyramid? How can you defend it by ensuring resources are continuously available and retained thorough reducing losses from the your system over time?

How can you expand the Essential Value available to your system and distribute it equitably, recognising the extra resources that an infant and young adult will require.

If resources remain constrained or fall the only way the Essential Value created can be increased or maintained is by reducing it’s Resource Intensity, the Resource used per unit of Essential Value created. It being axiomatic that in a resource constrained system ‘Essential Value can only grow at the rate its Resource Intensity is reduced.

In an agreed formal format, the ‘Essential Value and Resource Intensity Impact Assessment‘, this is exactly what a political agent most submit for consideration by moderation before a policy change is made to the democratic process.

  • By defining the Essential Value that is hoped will be created or retained.
  • By considering how it can be defended and equitably distributed over time.
  • By consideration of the resource use impact on the system and how this can be reduced over time in terms of its Resource Intensity.

One implemented sufficient time must then be allowed to elapse to enable process learning and improvement.


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