Directed Labour in the UK post Brexit

Note to visitors; these posts are purely my interpretation of the information that passes across my field of view and post Brexit there is a lot of it. Without being Clairvoyant in the detail the situation is unfolding as I foresaw about 20 years ago. At the present time Brexit and the happenings in  the UK’s political parties have no relevance at all for the UK as all of us are living in a paradigm that doesn’t exist anymore; one where we think we have access to unlimited energy and resources. Unless we embrace what I call the One Planet World Paradigm our survival as a coherent society is not possible.

Taking the heading above and my previous post and without deep analysis and extensive research notes I think the following is an urgent requirement for SystemUK. We have reduce the Resource Intensity social, welfare and educational services as much as possible, as soon as possible.

There are obviously problems with the direct costs of delivery but at SystemUK level there is the indirect cost to the system in the costs of the right people being in the right place at the right time. In the case of travel to and from work these are normally borne by the workers themselves but are only possible out of the energy available to SystemUK at affordable cost.

The previous post indicates that there is only  approximately 38 years of oil available globally and a large proportion of this will be retained by the states where the reserves lie and what is available will mostly be absorbed by the US and emergent superstates in the pacific rim.

Which brings us back to the proposition in the heading.

In the light of the above and albeit cursory analysis there is a need to urgently, but humanely, direct labour in the services mentioned above and impose a limit of say 5 miles radius from where these services draw their employees.

These employees in Social Services, Welfare and Education have a largely common skill set within their own professions and can be directly to their nearest possible base in an orderly manner if the process is started soon.

There is also the indirect costs to SystemUK of providing and maintaining a failing road system, which takes more energy out of that available etc etc.

Of course in the Multi-Planet World we and our ‘leaders’ live in, this is not an outcome we foresee or an action we need to take. Time will tell.

Gail Tverberg explains the situation here at Our Finite World where she states

“The Brexit vote may be related to falling energy per capita in the UK. Given that this problem occurs in many countries, it may be increasingly difficult to keep the Eurozone and other similar international organizations together.”





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