Lawyers and Sustainability

I often make the observation that “the sustainability of any society is inversely proportional to the numbers of Lawyers per Capita”.

This is clearly true as most Lawyers exist to deal with the failure demand created by individuals and society in not doing the right thing, not doing the right thing right, or not doing right every time.

These aggregated failures over time make a society unsustainable.

I wrote in Big Q  Download PDF version The Big Q

Resource Intensity of Failure Demand

“Failure demand’ is caused by a failure to do something, or do something right for the customer and ‘value demand’ – is what the system exists to provide”, John Seddon.

It is evident that such failure demand within systems will increase their Resource Intensity and in a resource constrained, One Planet World, these will increasingly lead to social and environmental failures.

Approaching their elimination from our current reductionist paradigm can only lead to the weakening of the links of Eliyahu Goldratt’s ‘Critical Chain’; which can only be strengthened by seeing these failures as part of a an organization’s costs of poor quality; of its failure to live up to the Big Q.



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