Brexit and a Blog Reborn

Eagle Eyed visitors will have noticed that this Blog has laid dormant for the past four years. Just a resource and pointer to external links for anyone chancing on its content.

During this time the need for the messages contained herein have been just as pressing but the UK has been absorbed in in the European Experiment.

Now recent events have given us a brief but finite period of time to take stock of the circumstances of the future that awaits us in the resource constrained world we now inhabit, the One-Planet World.

We do not have to fear this future if we plan for it; we only need to fear not planning for it.

The posts will be a mixture of revisiting old thoughts and the exposition of new ones with pointers to useful sources of information for people to research.

With no intentional political bias, as no political or ruling elite party understands or is planning for the One-Planet World.

As long ago as 2011 I was asked to make a contribution to a UK Select Committee investigation to ‘Strategic Thinking in Government‘ in which I stated;

‘Our survival as a coherent society with a viable and competitive economy depends on our recognising and exploiting the following realities; that:-

  • Useful net energy, water and physical resources will be constrained.
  • People will be plentiful.
  • People are innately ingenious, creative and enterprising.
  • Some organisations and societies will survive and prosper.’

The Final Report can be found here.

This blog is concerned with the creative exploitation of these four realities.

Whilst this blog has been in abeyance A number of electronic magazines have been maintained at via @trailblazerbf.

Among which are –

Consumptionomics Daily

Procurement Sustainability Daily

TrailblazerbBF Daily





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