Day: January 4, 2011

Don’t let the future be a matter of luck! – CarbonAct Now

Don’t let the future be a matter of luck! – CarbonAct Now ~ Be Selfish & Help Save Civilisation

Two years ago I put together a presentation for Rotary International and this can be downloaded here

Save Civilisation- Rotary 2

This takes the stance that CarbonActing in your family’s interest is the same as acting for Society

Slides 1 – 12 are the presentation and the remaining slides are for possible use during questions

My view on the future of Rotary International, Rotaract and Interact

Rotary – leading in the One Planet World 

Interact & Rotaract – Learning to lead for the One Planet World

The magic and the misery of Exponenial Growth

Arithmetic, Population and Energy- abridged