The Peak Oil Crisis: The Midterm elections

Friends and colleagues will know that I try to avoid direct discussion of Peak Oil, but every so often an article comes up that is worth dissemination. Such an article is The Peak Oil Crisis: The Midterm elections and it can be found at .

It ends

“It seems almost certain now that we are actually going to drive ourselves over a great economic cliff with banners of “growth,” “jobs,” “return to the good old days,” and “no taxes” streaming in the wind. It is going to be one hell of a train wreck – unlike anything the American people have ever known.”

This is also directly applicable to the UK as a society; unless we recognise that we must direct, on a balance of probabilities, all our education and research effort to accord with the ‘First Law of Sustainability’ – that ‘in a resource constrained world, goods and services can only grow at the rate that their ‘Resource Intensity’ reduction exceeds that needed to balance the One Planet Equation

1 = P*C*RI’

Where is the information below in the UK news?

Alaska’s untapped oil reserves estimate lowered by about 90 percent

(CNN, 27 Oct 2010) — The U.S. Geological Survey says a revised estimate for the amount of conventional, undiscovered oil in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska is a fraction of a previous estimate. The group estimates about 896 million barrels of such oil are in the reserve, about 90 percent less than a 2002 estimate of 10.6 billion barrels. (this represents around 10 days current global consumption, if it can all be brought to market at a useful Energy Return On Energy Invested, EROEI – my comment)



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