What’s Driving the Business Case for Carbon Management?

What’s Driving the Business Case for Carbon Management?

“In the past five years, an increasing number of companies have launched projects designed to measure their enterprise carbon footprint,” Makower said at the beginning of the webcast. “But who owns that data?”

Companies face the challenge of filling the gap between the executive team, which controls the budget, and the functional teams, which have the skills to those who can carry out the initiatives.

The gap between functional and executive levels
This is where the chief sustainability officer (CSO) can come in to play a pivotal role in moving corporate climate agendas forward. “We see it as critical,” Metcalfe said, pointing to Nixon Peabody and BA Systems as companies employing CSOs.

He also noted Dow Chemical‘s approach in combining the CSO role with that of the Chief Information Officer, leading to the establishment of a holistic view of sustainability and the incorporation of this type of thinking into Dow’s corporate strategy and value systems.

Metcalfe scribed the period between now and 2012 as a period of uncertainty for companies, characterized by short-term cost pressures and climate change regulations fragmented along geographic lines. The executive view of sustainability is generally low, Metcalfe said………………………….

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