Reducing the Resource Intensity of packaging

Kodak Chooses Clamshell Alternative For Camera Packaging


By GreenerDesign Staff Published January 08, 2010

Richmond, VA — Eastman Kodak’s C-182 digital camera will be sold in Natralock packaging, an alternative to all-plastic clamshells that is made with recyclable PET plastic and paperboard.

The Natralock packaging, by MeadWestvaco, uses an average of 60 percent less plastic than all-plastic clamshells, which are typically made from plastics like PVC that are not generally accepted in recycling systems.

With MeadWestvaco’s packaging, products are put in a PET shell that’s just big enough to fit the item, and the plastic is then sandwiched between paperboard that comes from sources certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

The company says that its packaging is slimmer, 29 percent lighter, uses 65 percent less energy in production and seals an average of 60 percent faster in production than clamshells.

MeadWestvaco is also working with SanDisk, Lexar and other consumer electronics companies to transition their clamshell packaging to Natralock, which can run through most existing sealing machinery.

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