Dr. Deming and the One Planet World

Watch, listen, learn and go back to the future – Dr W Edwards Deming tells us how to create the ‘One Planet World’ by a  journey of integrated continual improvement towards sustainability and perfect quality. (my semantics)

Dr Deming would have recognised that what we consider separate in our reductionist societies, the risks and costs of environmental and social failures, are just part of the costs of poor quality that prevent process and system sustainability and organizational transformation


The Real Dr. Deming – “Prophet Unheard” Video


Mark Graban on May 9, 2009

If you’re not familiar with Dr. W. Edwards Deming, check out this 30 minute special, put on YouTube in three pieces. Look at the 1980’s videos of American smashing Japanese import cars with sledgehammers. That was a mature response to global competition. Look where that got us. It’s too bad the energy expended there wasn’t put into learning and practicing Dr. Deming’s teaching on quality, management, and business.

Videos at http://www.leanblog.org/2009/05/real-dr-deming-prophet-unheard-video/


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