What are you excited most about in 2010?

 The clip below is from a GreenBiz post asking industry about their sustainability initiatives in 2010.

It illustrates how industry is failing to understand the fundamentals – that ‘sustainable clean tech’ is an oxymoron – and in reality we are on a journey of integrated continual improvement in the quality of, on the balance of probabilities, ‘clean’ technologies, at minimim ‘resource intensity.

Wonderful though Autodesk software might be, Lynelle is right, can we liberate the creativity that will enable us to recognise this reality and lever it to our advantage?

On this depends the future of Autodesk and every other organization.


What Are You Excited Most About in 2010?

Published December 28, 2009

Lynelle Cameron

Director of Sustainability, Autodesk
Autodesk will be expanding the Clean Tech Partner Program beyond North America to Greater China and potentially parts of Europe in 2010. In North America, the program has granted $150,000 of software to almost 100 early-stage clean-technology companies that are solving some of the earth’s most pressing environmental challenges. The question is whether clean-technology companies will effectively learn from past sustainable design blunders of other industries. Our goal in 2010: to accelerate smart design for “sustainable clean tech.”………………..

Full article at  http://digg.com/u1JIrQ


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