Investing in the creation of the One Planet World

Reading the post below, together with the one at the link here, should enable readers to put together a personal investment plan for the OPW

Investors should be particularly research whether a potential investment opportunity understands ‘Resource Intensity’, its relation to the One Planet Equation, and has a strategy for continually reducing it.


Investment Themes for the Next Decade

By Chris Nelder
Saturday, December 26th, 2009

…………….A Few More Themes

Desperation measures like big water projects and aggressive production of biofuels and coal-to-liquids will probably move forward, even if they’re ultimately doomed ideas. Self-interest and political popularity will continue to trump science, and blow up more than a few investment bubbles.

Self-reliance will continue to enjoy a surge in popularity, at least among the 10% or so of the population who are inclined to it. I expect millions of backyard gardens to bloom in the next decade, along with an explosion in residential and small commercial solar thermal and PV. Survival gear and guns should also enjoy continued growth.

I maintain my view that carbon capture and sequestration will be a boondoggle (although it may enjoy a period of investment froth), and the entire focus on carbon emissions will be ineffectual, because it is a backwards approach to the problem. One cannot effectively deal with the problem of climate without first understanding energy. I predicted that Copenhagen would be a failure, and I remain convinced that whatever progress we do make in reducing carbon emissions will only come from deploying efficiency and renewable energy.

As I detailed in November, hard assets will continue to be a hot sector for most of the next decade, at least until investors in them start meeting some resistance (such as hostility to foreign investment and rising nationalism). Next week, one country is losing control of more than $273 billion worth of rare earth metals. My colleague, Ian Cooper, has outlined everything in his latest special report. You can access that report by clicking here. ……………

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