Product positioning from the systems-thinking perspective

Positioning from the systems-thinking perspective


byPeter Korchnak on December 3, 2009

……………….Rubik's Cube is a systemYour brand is an element of a system of brands in your product category; your product category is part of a system of all product categories; etc.

No element in the brand system is independent: your customers determine your brand’s position in thier mind relative to the position of other brands. While that happens, they consider each brand not in isolation, but in relation to and connection with other brands. However, they don’t think about brands first – they think about their need.

When deciding between brands (inputs), whether that happens rationally or emotionally, a complex interplay of brands takes place (transformation), with the final choice emerging as the winner (output). In the next round, your customers considers their experience (feedback) in making their next decision.  

Rather than relative to the competition, positioning from the systems thinking perspective is relative to the need. Your customer chooses your product not because it’s better but because it satisfies their need in a way other products don’t.

Unlike traditional positioning, which is adversarial, positioning from the systems thinking perspective is complementary. Think not what your product does better than a competitor’s, but what specific need it satisfies. Under different circumstances, your customer will choose a different product……………….

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