Why an EU renewable energy plan needs solar power


Background to EU energy issues –

Climate science points to a reduction in carbon emissions of at least 80% by 2050. In practice, this will require the decarbonisation of at least 90% of most types of EU energy supplies. The average energy useage in the EU is currently about 125 kwhr/person/day (IEA).   By 2050, it is reasonable to expect efficiency savings and mode alteration to reduce this energy consumption to about 100 kwhr/person/ day, which is equivalent to 4kW continuous mean power consumption per person.

The current population of the EU27 is 500M  (Eurostat). So by 2050, the EU primary energy use will be of the order of 500M+  x  4 kW =   2000+ GW mean

There is insufficient uranium ore to power a nuclear powered future, even if that were desirable, as 1000 GW of conventional nuclear power can only be fuelled for about 15 years with the currently known sources of ore.  CCS is an unknown quantity and it is unlikely that the massive scale of CO2 sequestration required could be achieved on this scale, even if it were desirable. So huge renewable energy sources are essential………………….

full article at http://www.claverton-energy.com/why-an-eu-renewable-energy-plan-needs-solar-power.html


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