The Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network

Welcome to the Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer NetworkPart of the UK Technology Strategy Board’s Knowledge Transfer Network programme, the Environmental Sustainability KTN (ESKTN) is the result of a merger between the previous Environmental and Resource Efficiency KTNs. The ESKTN officially came into existence on the 1st September 2009 and is now the primary KTN supporting the Technology Strategy Board’s Environmental Sustainability Key Application Area.

As well as moving into this exciting new phase of support to UK technology and innovation, we are also in the process of developing a new web-portal using a powerful platform provided by the Technology Strategy Board. While this major development rolls out across all the Board’s activities you can use this site as a starting point for access to key new information from ESKTN and legacy resources of the Resource Efficiency and Environmental KTNs.

Read more about the benefits of being a member under ‘Our Network’ in the main menu above, or find out more about the key areas to which we are giving priority by clicking on one of the pictures below.



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