Managing for the Future

This presentation has received favourable reviews from around the World, Please add your comments 

download Managing the Future v1.1

Some recent comments on the Managing for the Future presentation 

“I really like your approach and material.  I was coming at this at a whole system level and looking at issues to do with individual values, group/organisational values and how this impacts on individual behaviour and the strategies and performance of the whole organisation and ultimately society.  Somehow there has to be a value change linked to a behaviour change as well as an understanding of the fundamental concepts of quality.  

“I really liked this presentation.  I agree with most of it. What do you intend to use it for and can I pinch bits?” 

“Best lecture outline I’ve seen recently. A very timely product you have to sell in the seminar market. 

If you are not going to use it that way and you have a paper I will get it into the ESRNZ magazine for sure. I would also use it to prod politicians around the Commonwealth via my CHEC links. 

If it is ok with you and my body allows I would like to use the presentation myself on others if the chance comes up. I have been called in at times to unhinge groups on engineering and science plus management on sustainability and ethics.”

 I appreciated the presentation. May I use one or two of your slide examples?  (with credit) 

 “It’s a brilliant synthesis and rather than whinge and worry about climate change (etc), it shows a way forward. With a potential for international agreement on our response for climate change, the time for this is ripe politically, if overdue environmentally or economically.  Perhaps some political focus following an agreement (or otherwise) would make it timely.” 

“Had had a quick glance – and I like what I saw – but am under too much pressure pre Copenhagen – saving the world! to comment further just now, I will follow up soon”  Local Governments for Sustainability, UN 


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