Managing for the future

In Managing for the future

* Energy, water and other resources will be constrained

* Human resources will be plentiful

On the downside of the resource availability curves we cannot

* create growth faster than we can reduce Resource Intensity (RI)

* Waste or ineffectively invest resources

* Freely transport resources or goods

* Use a linear system of creation, use and disposal

* Keep creating products and services that allow unlimited forms of self-actualisation

* Invest in inflexible technology, infrastructure and buildings

* Design for obsolescence

* Use Energy and water wantonly and ineffectively

We must

* Evolve our democratic processes to enable process learning and continual improvement

* Leave behind the reductionist, compliance approach to organisational management

* Think local

* Educate for RI minimisation

* Continually reduce the RI of non-essential processes to zero (eliminate them)

* Replace energy with people( Ingenuity and creativity) in processes. These are your customers!

* Replace products with services

* Design for maintainability

* Design for reliability

* Complete the cradle to cradle loop as far as possible

* mimic natural processes

* Group symbiotic processes together

* Work to continually reduce the losses in the essential processes remaining (improve quality).

* Pray

“There are no such things as green jobs, products and services, only those that either increase or decrease the ‘Resource Intensity of Society’


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