The CO2 Intensity of Society

 The question arises for a society like the UK, as to what a reduction in CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050 actually means for the society and its citizens.

We delude ourselves and ignore the fact that the one planet equation is immutable, but we are failing ourselves and future generations.

The calculation is quite straight forward and is as below. We will be forced to follow the curve the equation creates over time, but ignoring it means inaction now will lead to chaos later.


         If we take the one planet(society) equation 1 = P x C x I then assume by 2050 CO2 must reduce by 80%, then 1 becomes 0.2 in respect of CO2, if population is then 70m  P = 1.16 and if we could get growth at 2% then C = 2.2

So 0.2 = 1.16 x 2.2 x I or I = 0.08 or a factor of 1/0.08 = 13

This means we have to reduce the CO2 intensity of every UK citizen by 13 times by 2050 with the projected population and economic growth at 2%

Even with no growth we are faced with a factor of around 7

 Talking in terms of building wind turbines and installing smart meters is a nonsense, change on this magnitude means a reordering of society, how we organize ourselves to reduce the CO2 intensity in all we do.

Agreeing and eliminating the products and services that do not add CO2 value to society.

It will mean very few new ‘green’ jobs but the recreation of many old skills as we replace fossil fuel energy in processes by people.

As we reinsert, creativity and ingenuity back into processes.

Pecha Kucha presentation The CO2 Intensity of Society PK



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