Sustainability and the ‘energy gap’

The article below, echoes my article of 2005, ‘Sustainability and the Energy Gap’ where I predict that a ‘perfect storm’ of factors will ensure that the western economies will end up with with a lower quality of life than an equitable distribution of resources would allow.

This is simply because will will not recognise the immutability of the One Planet Equation.

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Green Shoots, an Alternative View

Kurt Cobb

……………..That’s what my green shoots are telling me. Let me repeat it again: We may be nearing the point where the existing capital stock including the public infrastructure has grown so large and our resources, both financial and physical, have become so tight that we can no longer both maintain and expand the capital stock simultaneously. This does not necessarily lead to a dramatic collapse so much as a grinding decline in productive capacity. Over time the economy has more and more difficulty extracting basic resources from the Earth, manufacturing objects from those resources, and transporting those objects to markets, all while maintaining the buildings related to these activities……….

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