Leadership, Followship and Twitter

I have just been speaking to a friend who is part of an important sustainability initiative in Australia, The Natural Edge Project, about using Twitter to post information – and his comment was that he was ‘too busy’, and he probably is.

But the old adage says “if you want something done, ask someone who is too busy”. The best of the ‘Change Agents’ in the world are always ‘too busy’ but they still need to put their thoughts ‘out there’ on as many platforms as they can, Twitter included.

Another thought arises from this, and that is the issue of ‘Leadership’ and ‘Followship’, and the truth is we are all both as illustrated in the piece below from 1991.

Being of more ‘mature’ years, I might be forgiven for seeing Twitter as a new fangled thing and a passing fad, and it might be, but it has the power to enable both leadership and followship and in the process, hopefully allow the cream of the ideas that will continually reduce the Resource Intensity of Society, RIoS, to rise to the top of the bottle.

Those ideas that will show us how to balance the ‘One Planet Equation’ https://trailblazerbusinessfutures.wordpress.com/the-one-planet-equation/



Follow the Leader

Tom Gray, 1st Thorsby Troop, Alta.
The Leader, May 1991

As I strolled past a city intersection, I stopped to watch five men. One was looking at a blueprint, three were leaning on shovels, and one was down in a hole digging. It turned out that the man with the blueprint was a district supervisor. Leaning on the shovels were an area supervisor, a site supervisor, and a job foreman. And the man in the hole? He was “just a laborer”.

A school registration form asked the question: “Is your child a leader or a follower?” A few days after filling out the form, one mother received this note from the teacher:   

“Dear Mrs. Smith;

Congratulations on having the only follower in a class of 28 leaders!” These anecdotes reflect our bureaucratic society, where we have “too many chiefs and not enough Indians”. We all know and understand sayings like this. A bureaucracy is top heavy; it has too many “leaders” and too few workers………

Coming Full Circle

I expect you’ve noticed it already. It is no coincidence that the qualities of a good follower overlap those of a good leader. From the description, it becomes clear that a good follower is able to assume leadership when necessary.

Followship, like leadership, is a role each of us must assume from time to time. There is an ebb and flow. We ale sometimes section or group leaders, but we must still follow the bylaw, policies and procedures of Scouts Canada and the limits set by our conscience or religious beliefs.

By training young people to be effective followers, we are training them to be effective leaders. By training them to accept God’s love, to be self-reliant, to cooperate and trust, to care for themselves, each other, and their world, we are training them to be good followers.

In the final analysis, the only person one can truly lead is oneself. Let us train our young people to follow well.

See post at http://troop485.tripod.com/documents/followleader.htm


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