The Resource Intensity of Knowledge, RIoK

 The article below reflects Sir Ken Robinson’s thoughts on creativity and this Blog’s contention that Knowledge institutions exist to liberate the creativity and ingenuity needed to enable the continual reduction in the ‘resource intensity of society, whilst working to continually reduce the ‘resource intensity of Knowledge’both in its creation and transmission.


Daniel Pink’s call for educators to incorporate more big-picture thinking to respond to a world in flux.  Interesting bit about “a gap between what is needed in the world of work and what is taught in academia,” with a survey showing school superintendents defining creativity as problem-solving while employers defined it as problem identification.

Article starts

Facing Tomorrow’s Challenges

Change may be the only constant, but it’s also a constant challenge for educators trying to prepare students for the future. If the world is always in flux, what should teachers be teaching? What should schools be doing to develop the next generation for the dramatic shifts taking place in the way the world works and lives? Does the current curriculum make the grade?

Today’s pace and nature of change call for a shift in the way we think about education, argued Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, in a keynote speech at a recent Wharton Evolution of Learning Symposium. In a world where jobs can be sent overseas, tasks can be automated and the feverish pace of technology can render even last year’s innovation obsolete, students will have to learn how to think differently than their parents in order to survive and prosper………………

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