‘In Transition’ the film and the reality

 My open letter after watching ‘In Transion’ on the Internet.

Dear Friends

These words are written just after watching ‘In Transition’  on the Internet.

                We have had a series of films

  • End of Suburbia
  • An Inconvenient Truth
  • Crude Awakening
  • Age of Stupid
  • And now  ‘In Transition’

These are all produced by concerned and committed people about the ‘symptoms’ our addiction to massive waste of resources in the goods and services we produce, consume and dispose of creates.

None of these initiatives, however, look at the future from a holistic and systems based viewpoint.

 All the little steps always mentioned matter, but we have a global, interconnected world with dysfunctional government that results from our not understanding the risks and costs of not doing the right thing, right, every time. Of not enabling process learning and continual process improvement, the journey towards sustainability, not the destination.

We talk about ‘transition’, of ‘powering down’, of moving to a locally based economy and growing our own food and harnessing renewable energy. It is important that we all try to grow as much food as possible ourselves but the problem of feeding billions in an increasingly urbanized world is ignored, as is the fact that devices for capturing renewable energy rely on a production system that consumes resources and produces its own waste

We ignore whether resources can continue to be expended on health systems that can meet an infinite need.

We ignore the waste produced by the compliance culture we have created to save, in many cases, a statistically insignificant number of lives, whilst we are prepared to live with the deaths on the world’s roads.

We don’t understand that our knowledge based institutions exist to liberate the creativity and ingenuity that will enable us to – continually reduce the ‘resource intensity of society’

We fail to understand that we have a taxation system that taxes creativity and ingenuity, as we replaced people with fossil fuels in processes, steadily over the last two hundred years.

We talk about needing 3 or 5 planets and refuse to face up to the fact we have one

We talk of ‘descent’ and ‘contraction’ instead of the opportunity and adventure that balancing the ‘One Planet Equation’ involves.

Kind regards



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