Government – what are we here for?

It is being reported that Gordon Brown’s UK Government is considering changing the UK electoral system, in the light of recent ‘expenses’ scandals.

But the core question is not being asked, and unless this is, any debate is meaningless and any measures taken, likely to fail.

Striped of all rhetoric, the question is ‘government, what are we here for’ – and the answer, in a exponentially changing world hitting against resource and environmental buffers, can only be

“We are here to enable the liberation of the creativity needed to balance the ‘One Planet Equation’ for UK citizens by working to continually reduce the ‘resource intensity of society’, RIoS.

In the process securing an equitable ‘quality of life’ for all, whilst seeking the same globally”.

Expressed this way it is clear what we need to do, it doesn’t provide the answers, only a focus to enable constructive and continual improvement.




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