Smart Meters: measuring Britain’s challenge

 As is being found on the demonstrators of low carbon technologies through organisations such as BRE, no one wants to be an energy manager.

This has significant ramifications with regard to ‘Smart Metering’; demand side management is doomed to fail in most cases and the investment will be wasted.

Smart Meters must allow supply side management of demand and business models must be created that allow, suppliers to maximize income, only by working to continually reduce demand, the Resourse Intensity of the ‘service’ electricity provides.


Smart Meters: measuring Britain’s challenge


In May 2009, the UK’s Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) confirmed the Government’s plans to install smart meters in all households by 2020 and launched a public consultation on smart metering for electricity and gas in Britain (the Consultation).  The Consultation includes high level proposals for the roll-out of smart meters to domestic households and certain small and medium non-domestic (business and public) sites.  This roll-out will transform (and has the potential to revolutionise) metering as well as patterns of energy production and consumption.  Following on from our article discussing the Consultation (to view the full article please click here), over the coming few months Law-Now will present a series of updates and comments on the topic of smart metering.  These updates are likely to be of interest to all those in a variety of sectors, including energy suppliers, distributors, consumers, communications and technology providers, and water and other utility operators.

Smart metering is also a live issue in the water industry.  The Environment Agency considers that smart meters have the potential to assist in reducing demand and managing the UK’s limited water resources and is pressing for future regulatory and business policy to reflect this………………..

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