Libby Purves is almost right in her analysis

 Libby Purves is almost right in her analysis of our ‘predicament’, but she describes entertainingly, yet another of the symptoms resulting from  our not understanding the risks and costs of failure within our democratic ‘system’

Unless we grasp this reality in our increasingly resource constrained environment, then we are doomed to fail as a society and in the process lose our democratic institutions and freedom. Libby intimates as much at the end of her piece.


Stop buffing the image – just make things work

Heaven save us, am I weary of personality in politics! Bored of red dresses and amateur psychology, body language, stiletto jokes and balls about who-hates-Balls! It goes beyond party – I hate both Mandelson’s analysis and hostile analyses of Mandelson, David Cameron’s damn bike and Margaret Beckett’s caravan. I do not care who is “comfortable in their skin” or whether they “find a voice”…………..

…………………You think this all takes us a long way from the cult of personality? I don’t. Building an image takes up attention, effort and money (ask any diva). The setting of unglamorous priorities, and careful listening to people on the front line for longer than a camera’s flash are not always compatible with buffing one’s image. But we all know which comes first. The good news is that the electorate are now so sick of the whole shebang that something will happen. It may be dangerous, but it will be different.

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