Stupid is who stupid does

Comment on the Age of Stupid.


This morning I posted this on Twitter Going to see Age of Stupid being shown by Hyndburn Prospects Foundation tonight, bet it misses the point – http://www.prospectsfoundat…

How right I was, magnificent production values totally wasted. This being evidenced by my friend’s 11year old son, who couldn’t get away fast enough.

Whatever the reality of the future facing us, it gave no analysis of the cause, or presented any meaningful analysis of what the solutions might be. Nothing to give an 11 year old boy hope for the future or inspire him to educate himself to search for solutions.

The cause of our problems as a species is that we do not understand the risks and costs of losses and failures in processes. From this all else flows.

The film said we will need up to seven planets, worth of resources but failed to say that with only one, there is an immutable equation that links population, consumption and resource intensity.

That solving this equation is our greatest challenge but also our greatest adventure to date. An adventure to inspire an 11 year old boy and a 62 year man like me.

Also, the elections in the UK yesterday, have shown that our biggest losses come from the way we organise ourselves and our governance.

The reshaping of our public institutions to enable proactive action and continual improvement is key to any future we might aspire to, or even any future at all.



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