When will we start to comprehend reality?

We have two comments below which illustrate our failure to comprehend, that  in a rapidly changing world we have to recognise the need to grasp the nettle and design a new form of politics that is proactive and recognises the resource limits we face; unless we can continually reduce the Resource Intensity of Society, then we are consigning ourselves to the scrapheap of history as a viable and coherent entity.

Any system that does not enable process learning and continual improvement, as our present institutions fail to do, is not fit for purpose.


Lord Drayson

Environmentalists, he said, mean well when they say that cutting our carbon footprints will involve major personal sacrifices. But this negative message switches too many people off, making them less likely to take simple steps that might help to save the planet.

“I personally don’t believe it is going to be possible to persuade the vast majority of people to accept a poorer standard of quality of life,” he said. “I do think it’s possible to convince people they will be able to maintain a standard of quality of life more sustainably.”

see http://timesonline.typepad.com/science/cheltenham-science-festival/

Matthew Taylor 

How politics is conducted from the cabinet to the local constituency is profoundly dysfunctional, 30 years and more behind the way successful modern organisations run themselves. A new politics needs new institutions and new processes but it also needs a radically different culture, and a style of political leadership that is open, collaborative and emotionally literate.



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