Prosperity without growth?

Redefining Prosperity

The economy is geared, above all, to economic growth. Economic policy in the current recession is all about returning to growth – but an economic crisis can be an opportunity for some basic rethinking and restructuring.

Two objectives other than growth – sustainability and wellbeing – have moved up the political and policy-making agenda in recent years, challenging the overriding priority traditionally given to economic growth.
SDC’s “Redefining Prosperity” project has looked into the connections and conflicts between sustainability, growth, and wellbeing.

As part of a two year programme of work, we commissioned thinkpieces, organised seminars, and invited feedback. This project has now resulted in a major SDC report: ‘Prosperity without growth?: the transition to a sustainable economy’ by Professor Tim Jackson, SDC’s Economics Commissioner. Prosperity without growth? analyses the relationship between growth and the growing environmental crisis and ‘social recession’.

For the full story and to download the report visit


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