Bus and train firms combine to reduce the resource intensity of mobility

Bus and train firms combine in Pendle, UK transport revolution

Published Date: 31 March 2009

A REVOLUTIONARY public transport ticket scheme has been launched in Pendle today.
Bus operator Transdev and Northern Rail have combined to introduce the Pendle Connect, which will allow people to travel to Accrington, Blackburn or Preston with a single transferrable ticket bought from the bus driver.

Another new service, the East Lancashire Day Ranger, allows travel on trains between Colne and Preston and the lines from Blackburn to Clitheroe and Bolton for just £10, including the bus link to railway stations.

Transdev’s Commercial Director David Wilson said: “There are so many attractive tourist destinations within our own area it seems a waste to travel further afield when there’s so much on our own doorstep.

“We’ve worked with Northern Rail to develop a really attractive package that allows people to use any train and any of our buses over a large area of East Lancashire for just £10.

“Having a good day out without the worry of parking and cost of petrol has never been easier. If we can encourage more people to explore our area the more our local business and attractions will benefit and people can have a really good day out too!”

Matt Beeton, Area Director, Northern Rail said: “Day Rangers are proving increasingly popular with passengers looking to make the most of a day out in the north of England.

“Our partnership with Transdev and the East Lancashire Community Rail Partnership offers greater travel opportunities across East Lancashire at a real value for money price.”

Richard Watts, from the East Lancashire Community Rail Partnership, said “We fully support the East Lancashire Day Ranger and Pendle Connect bus and rail tickets. It is hoped that by providing a combined ticket many more people will be tempted to try the bus and train again and take days out in East Lancashire.

“These tickets have only been possible with the full support of Transdev and Northern Rail and with funding from the Community Rail Development Fund.”


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