Powerdown Toolkit: Deconstructing Dinner

Powerdown Toolkit #6: Deconstructing Dinner March 29, 2009

Posted by Graham in : General , trackback

This is the introduction to  week six of the Powerdown Toolkit 10-week community learning course created by the Cultivate Center in Dublin. It has an accompanying TV show with a 30-minute episode accompanying each week of the course, soon to be aired on Dublin Community TV.

Deconstructing Dinner: Food Miles, Trade and Food Systems


Food is energy. Nowhere is this truth seen more clearly than in the conflict for land and resources between food for the hungry in the developing world and biofuels for the energy-hungry motorist in the industrialised nations. {Murphy, P. Plan C}……………..

For full details visit http://zone5.org/2009/03/29/powerdown-toolkit-6-deconstructing-dinner/


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