UK leads the knowledge transfer world

UK leads the knowledge transfer world

9 March 2009

Today, Unico – the UK’s leading knowledge transfer association – announces key findings of an important report recently published.  Through the work of the report,  ‘Metrics for the Evaluation of Knowledge Transfer Activities at Universities’, a new set of measurement tools is enabling universities to accurately measure the value of knowledge transfer activities (KT) for the first time.  Outcomes from the report reveal that the UK leads the world in terms of measuring the value of KT activities.

Professor David Secher, Unico Chairman said, “This report reveals that the UK is ahead of the US in addressing this difficult, but important, field of measuring the economic and social impact of knowledge transfer.  The proposed new measures may not be the last word as further work is needed but this report represents an important contribution that we are keen to share with the wider community for further development.”……………………..

The report findings illustrate that UK universities are actively involved in knowledge transfer activities and that the UK performs competitively compared with the US and Canada when measured against:

  • licensing income market share
  • importance of licensing income to the total research income
  • number of spin-outs formed.

This project was only made possible thanks to funding, valuable input and support from:

  • Department of Innovation Universities and Skills (DIUS)
  • Research Councils UK (RCUK)
  • Scottish Funding Council
  • Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)
  • University of Glasgow (acting as project sponsor)

View report at




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