Dr Rajendra Pachauri and reducing resource intensity

 Dr Pachauri is right in saying that “Focusing on Emissions Reductions Alone Will Get Negative Reaction”, which is the raison d’etre of this Blog.

However, this Blog feels he is missing the point in speaking of ‘Green Economic development’, what is required is a financial system that is based on the ‘first law of sustainability’, that awards those, by incentives and tax beaks, who develop business models that lead to a continual reduction in the ‘resource intensity of society’, taxing and legislating more heavily those that don’t.

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Focus on Green Economic Development, Not Just Emission Reductions: Chair of IPCC

Dr Rajendra Pachauri (chairman of the IPCC, director-general of the The Energy and Resources Institute, and now head of the newly formed Yale Climate and Energy Institute) was one of the speakers who kicked off the Copenhagen Climate Congress‘s opening session. One of the most interesting things to come out of his presentation was the notion that rich nations’ efforts to push rapidly growing nations to cut their carbon emissions would be more effective if the focus was also on more rapid technology transfer and green economic development.

After his speech, I had a chance to sit down with Dr Pachauri and ask him about this in greater detail:

Focusing on Emissions Reductions Alone Will Get Negative Reaction…………

You have a remarkable opportunity to restructure the economy and moving towards a much greener future. Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal…said that the auditors of General MotorsScryve Corporate Social Responsibility Rating have come up with a report that perhaps General Motors cannot be saved. Then why are we wasting billions of dollars giving taxpayers’ money to these companies?

This is an opportunity when we can bring about change. If we don’t bring about change then you spend more and more money of the public supporting the same industries which have caused a problem in the past. Even if you were to look at revival of the economy, there is a real opportunity to bring about a shift where we move towards greener jobs, greener economic output; and that’s what the world should be focusing on.

I must say…President Obama has realized that, because he is focusing on it: His revival package, which will bring about improved efficiency of homes, of government buildings, of greater investment in solar and wind, and essentially seeing that the economy becomes less dependent on fossil fuels, or at least imported fossil fuels.

I think the two objectives [reviving the economy and combatting climate change] can be tied into together. They don’t have to divert from one another.

See story at http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/03/focus-on-green-development-developing-countries-not-just-emission-reduction-ipcc-chief-says.php

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