Did you know 2009 was EU ‘Year of Innovation and Creativity’?

 Very low key this one!

Interview: EU must unlock its ‘innovative capacity’

Published: Friday 5 December 2008   

The upcoming European Year of Innovation and Creativity 2009 will help to unlock Europe’s creative and innovative potential, a task that has become even more important in times of economic crisis, Education and Culture Commissioner Ján Fígel’ told EurActiv in an interview ahead of today’s official media launch of the year.

“What I would like to see at the end of the Year is that the citizens of Europe understand better that by promoting human talents and the human capacity to innovate, we can actively shape Europe for the better, to help it fully develop its potential, both economically and socially,” Fígel’ said. 

Governments, businesses and civil society should engage in a debate on how Europeans should change for the EU to remain competitive on the global stage while also preserving “a socially cohesive society, united in its rich diversity,” the commissioner outlined. 

“In cooperation with the incoming Czech and Swedish EU Presidencies, the Commission has planned several events dealing with issues such as the ‘knowledge society’, sustainable development or the impact of creative arts and industries.” 

“I expect top-level political support […] from the member states and the European Parliament,” the commissioner continued, stressing the “significant cross-sectoral relevance” of the year, which he said would involve all policy fields. 

The European Year should complement the EU’s ‘New skills for new jobs’ initiative, which the Commission is set to unveil later this month. The initiative will help to anticipate and provide Europe’s labour market needs for 2020, Figel’ explained. ……………..

Full interview and links at http://www.euractiv.com/en/innovation/interview-eu-unlock-innovative-capacity/article-177795

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