Project Get Ready – reducing the resource intensity of mobility?



What is Project Get Ready?

Project Get Ready is a non-profit initiative led by Rocky Mountain Institute, in conjunction with a wide array of partners and technical advisers. Project Get Ready will:
* Create a dynamic “menu” of strategic plug-in readiness actions including the “business case” for each action.
* Provide a web database of American and international plug-in readiness activities.
* Convene at least 20 cities as well as technical players regularly to discuss their lessons learned and best practices, and report these conversations on our website and materials.

How Can a City Become a Plug-in Vehicle Pioneer?

Being a pioneer in the green mobility revolution of plug in vehicles requires change from a wide variety of interwoven players. There are three steps.
1. Get Ready: Form a coalition of leaders in your community, including utilities, municipal government, citizen activists, auto dealers, transportation authorities, local employers. Select a “champion” for your coalition.
2. Get Set: Create a charter, or five year plan, for your city readiness with clear goals and milestones. Project Get Ready’s menu can provide a foundation for this charter, which can be amended to fit your community.
3. Go!: Start executing your charter.

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