Policing – reducing the resource intensity of society

This story illustrates exactly the lack of understanding we encounter with regard to use of resources to achieve an objective, and how we must transform our thinking from reductionist to systemic if we are to live within the bounds of the First Law of Sustainability, that ‘in a resource constrained environment, goods and services can only grow at the rate at which they can be dematerialized.

Policing is required because of the ‘loss to society’ caused by human weakness and error and its resource intensity has to be continually reduced by ‘systems thinking’ about reducing the causes and the processes needed to deal with the ‘failure demand’ created.


Systems Thinker awarded MBE for services to policing

…………………The redesign involved operational police officers and support system staff, who ‘redesigned the systems how they would like to see it’. Only once the systems redesign had been envisaged, did they introduce technology in the form of an electronic police notebook with a blue tooth enabled printer The newly designed electronic police notebook removes all of the predictable errors that were found in the previous systems (typed text instead of illegible handwriting due to carbon copies, offences automatically linked to the correct offence codes etc) and ‘you now have to work really hard to make a mistake’. The aim is to ensure that the report is taken clean. Once input, the officer prints off a ticket and hands it to the offender, and once back at the station, the unit is docked and all of the details are synced to the work system. This information is sent directly to a screen in the central ticket office and the next day it goes straight into the courts system. An upper control limit of 21 days becomes predictably 1 day……………………….

Complete story at http://www.thesystemsthinkingreview.co.uk/index.php?pg=18&backto=1&utwkstoryid=37



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