EU funding for research

My comments in 1999 might be of interest here

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Unfortunately our reductionist approach has led to confusion amongst the very companies we are trying to reach. We have to take a holistic view to enable the creativity and ingenuity locked into them.

We need to see clearly what we are trying to achieve, reduction in the resource intensity of society, not the incremental improvement in individual processes, unless they can be proved essential to the cohesion of society.


EU Funding for the Development of Environmental Technologies

The European Union recognises the need to support businesses to innovate. They are particularly concerned for small-medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) since over 95% of businesses fall into this category.

By innovating, companies will be more equipped to compete and beat the Far-East low labour sector as well as the high-tech competition from the U.S. and Japan. The European Parliament has given its backing to fund a €53bn programme for research and development for 2007-2013 (Seventh Framework Programme) to assist businesses across Europe to innovative new technologies, including those in the environmental sector covering:

·Conservation and sustainability
·Management of natural and man-made resources,
·Clean technologies
·Waste prevention
·Technologies for high added value production from waste
·Control of priority pollutants
·Innovative environmental technologies for the reduction of damage to the environment
·Renewable fuel production
·Renewable electricity generation
·Renewables for heating and cooling

Whilst most businesses would endorse the benefits of innovation, many are unable to take-up the challenge, the common objections being: we are too busy dealing with our current business activities, we don’t have the necessary funds, we don’t have the necessary facilities, equipment, engineers etc…………….

…………………For more information on how EU grants can be accessed and used to help your business, please contact Tony Lesowiec, Pera, Pera Innovation Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB. (e:



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