Leadership and the ‘virtuous circle’

 The comment, this economic crisis demands leadership,  is stated in the article below and whilst this is true, partisan statements, left or right, in the present circumstances are inappropriate.

The correct assessment is that ‘this country needed (strategic) leadership’, which can accurately be said of all the western economies.

We have all been guilty of letting ourselves think we can build post-industrial Utopias on sand. We encouraged our ruling elites to tell us what we wanted to believe and they have been happy to oblige, in spite of the immutability of the ‘One Planet Equation’. We and they have now been found wanting.

This was and is an illusion and game the Media has been happy to be complicit in.

True leadership is understanding the bounds of the Earth and working to enable societies to live within them, to change the paradigm of the past and find ways of making the our democratic institutions proactive in a fast changing world.

This requires a process represented in the ‘virtuous circle’ below, of engaging, learning and making continual adjustments to improve our processes, at minimum resource intensity to society, whether this is education, health or anything else.

A political, partisan input is essential but cannot be allowed to drive the ‘virtuous circle’.

In the past this might have seemed a reasonable luxury of democracy, but this is no longer the case in a future ruled by the first law of sustainability, that ‘in a resource constrained environment, goods and service can only grow at the rate at which they can be dematerialized’.

We ignore this at our peril, and the indications so far, are that we have failed to learn this lesson from the credit crunch and are now powering into the energy crunch; which is not recoverable with our institutions and way of life intact.

The virtuous circle is a ‘conceptual model’ of how we need to view ‘what we are here for’ and

‘The power of conceptual models of understanding is that once created, the owner has the power to extract more information from them, than went into creating them.’



Stimulus reflects inadequate leadership

For a time when the nation is full of talk of change, the Democratic leadership in Washington seems committed to repeating the mistakes of the past.

The so-called stimulus package presented to us this week is no stimulus at all. In reality, it’s a Trojan horse for billions of dollars in pork barrel spending. Democrats have said repeatedly that there is not a single earmark in this bill. In fact, the stimulus bill itself is one giant earmark, a massive collection of unnecessary spending, pet projects and kickbacks to well-heeled contributors.

While I do support some provisions of the bill such as the tax relief and investments in infrastructure, only 17 percent of this $1 trillion bill provides new tax relief and less than 10 percent provides new roads and bridges.

This economic crisis demands leadership. It demands immediate tax relief for working families, and help for America’s small businesses, giving them the funds they need to stop the layoffs and hire more employees. It demands that we stabilize home values, and yes, give assistance to the unemployed. All these goals are fulfilled in an alternative plan that I support, but to which the Democrats gave little consideration.

We cannot spend our way out of debt. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says that long-term, this package will do more harm than good. And the president’s own analysts and economic advisers say the Republican plan, which institutes long-term, meaningful tax cuts for individuals and small businesses, will create twice as many jobs for half the cost of the stimulus package. According to their calculations, this alternative stimulus would create an estimated 490,000 jobs in Texas, compared to only 204,000 in the final bill.

At a critical moment in America’s history — when our nation desperately needs strong, principled leadership — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are bent on taking advantage of this crisis and manipulating the fears of American taxpayers to their own ends. Instead of creating jobs, they’re focused on pushing through massive overreaches of government……………..

continues at http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/editorial/outlook/6263108.html





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