Is there Room on the Bandwagon for me?

……………..When everything is slipping out from under you and your world is heels over head, these are the leadership ideas that I wished I could have remembered at the time:
1. Don’t get fancy and don’t bother with getting in a hurry.Things that are messed up don’t yield to going faster. Going faster when you are spinning generally leads to greater centrifugality. In other words (real English words, for example) you end up trying to go in many directions at once. Any organism with more than one cell should not attempt it.
2. Character matters more than smarts.If you obfuscate or simply spin the truth till it’s more attractive, no matter how brilliantly, it will come around and take a large bite from your gluteus maximus. We can’t have our leaders jumping from one frame to another, like the deceased eminences at Hogwarts. We need our leaders to stay put in our mental landscape, to be dependable presences, who tell the truth about their assessment of the depth of the manure………………

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