Low energy light bulbs and the resource intensity of society

 A good story reported below, but is Sammy Wilson right, if for the wrong reasons? He appears to be a ‘Climate Sceptic’ and for the failed paradigm of ‘business as usual’ but his argument never the less has the ring of reality.

Such advertising puts the onus on the individual rather than society, and whilst individual action should be encouraged, it is the ‘resource intensity of our society’ that should be the focus.

Individuals can do little within a framework that has evolved to squander energy and other resources in delivering what most people, especially children, whould see as a diminishing ‘quality of life’

As ofsted reported in 2005, the ‘resource intensity’ of our educational system required to fail to enable the creativity and ingenuity required to save us is criminal.

As are the ‘heroic’ attempts of the media and politicians to avoid seeing the elephant in the room.



Calls for Stormont environment minister to quit over CO2 ad ban

Northern Ireland‘s environment minister, climate change sceptic Sammy Wilson, faced resignation calls last night after he banned government climate change adverts from local television.

Wilson blocked the broadcasting of the Act on CO2 ads because he believed it was green “propaganda”. The Democratic Unionist MLA is renowned for being a vocal climate-change sceptic. The Greens said the minister’s action in banning the adverts had made a laughing stock out of Northern Ireland.

The adverts, which were to be broadcast on Ulster Television, urge the public to reduce energy consumption and cut carbon dioxide output by switching to energy efficient lightbulbs and not leaving televisions on standby.

Wilson said he would not allow this “insidious New Labour propaganda campaign” to be imposed on the Northern Ireland public. The ads were “giving people the impression that by turning off the standby light on their TV they could save the world from melting glaciers and being submerged in 40ft of water”, he said, which was “patent nonsense”…………………

continued at http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2009/feb/10/climate-change-sceptic-environment-minister


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