‘Direct Connect’ – reducing the ‘resource intensity’ of finance

“Direct Connect – a Flight to Simplicity?” – Chris Cook

by: admin Thursday, February 5th, 2009

John Gilmore famously said that;

“The Internet interprets Censorship as Damage and routes around it”

Perhaps one of the key events in the development of the Internet age was the invention by a 19 year old of direct on-line music sharing – Napster – which destroyed for good the existing business model of the global music industry.

This capability of the Internet to route around, or dis-intermediate, middlemen is becoming daily more apparent, to the extent that a reader of the Financial Times recently won £10,000 for identifying “Peer to Peer” finance as the “Next Big Thing” in the financial world.

How such a directly connected financial system could work is a question that has interested me, from a starting point as a former Director of  a global energy futures exchange, throughout almost 10 years work in the area where markets and Internet converge

 At a conference last week in Teheran addressing the challenges of the current financial crisis, one of my fellow speakers observed that;

“… it is not possible to solve 21st Century problems with 20th Century solutions…”

I agree wholeheartedly, and the partnership-based enterprise model – or legal and financial structure – which I observe emerging has evolved in response to the challenges of this direct Internet connectivity. 

Finance consists of credit, which facilitates trade and enables productive assets to be created; and investment, which consists of financial claims over productive assets such as secured debt (eg mortgage loans), and  Equity (eg shares in a Corporation).

Both credit and investment may in fact be achieved without the intermediation of Banks. Since Bank capital will be further eroded as the Credit Crunch spreads into the productive economy, I believe that “Peer to Peer” finance offers a solution form an entirely unexpected direction.

Complete article at http://www.claverton-energy.com/direct-connect-%E2%80%93-a-flight-to-simplicity-chris-cook-financial-expert.html


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