The virtuous circle



The virtuous circle forms a ‘framework for thinking’,  about continual innovation in process design for sustainability.


It follows a conventional management sequence of Plan, Do, Check, Act.


Using ‘in process control’ and a synergy of all the organisation’s stakeholders and their combined knowledge and skills – process learning is enabled.


After sensing the external signals the ingenuity within the virtuous circle drives the process design in the direction of sustainability.


As the process becomes more sustainable the losses are by definition minimised, reducing the need for appraisal costs and eliminating the costs and risks of internal and most importantly, external failures.


With minimised costs and no external failures the profitability, public perception and value added to society are maximised.


We have in conventional terms, a quality organisation making its contribution to the ‘quality of life’ or

‘Quality maximises the value added to society resulting from the creation, use and disposal of products and services’

© 2005 Derek Deighton MIQA AIEMA AMIMechE  



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