A Tragedy of Errors and Misunderstanding

 This piece encapsulates the tragedy of errors and misunderstanding around the concept of sustainabilty on behalf of business and the enviro/socio movement. As this Blog lives, there is no difference in the needs and aspirations of either, when faced with the realities of the ‘One Planet Equation’ and the first law of sustainability, see tab above.

Our ‘quality of life’ can only be improved by working to continually reduce the ‘loss to society’ resulting from the creation, use and disposal of products and services.

Environmental and social losses and costs are just as much part and parcel of the operating costs of business as the economic losses of business, and only those that understand this will inherit the future.

See https://trailblazerbusinessfutures.wordpress.com/2008/11/30/a-hitchhikers-guide-to-an-oraganisational-esperanto/


Businesses want a sustainable future too

Big business, environmentalists and those campaigning for social justice want many of the same things – even if they want them for different reasons.

This was the message at the core of Sustainable Sourcing – Agricultural Raw Materials Summit, an event put on by London Business Conferences this week.

The summit brought together CSR and procurement professionals from a wide range of companies, from high street retailers and major household brands to producers and wholesalers who may be less familiar to the consumer but whose impact on global agriculture is enormous.

WWF policy advisor Richard Perkins outlined how the key motives of organisations like his own differed from those of business, but that both wanted a stable, healthy environment.

In simple terms, he said, environmental NGOs considered the environmental impact of an activity, while businesses needed to know that they could continue to get the resources they needed in order to run their operation profitably.

In short, both wanted a sustainable future………………….

Continues at http://www.edie.net/news/news_story.asp?src=nl&id=15895


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