The resource intensity of society – unleashing a regulatory nightmare

 Here again we have an example of muddled thinking that will incease the ‘resource intensity’ of society and mobility, hastily being implemented by lawyers, who continue to ignore the elephant in the room that is the One Planet Equation.

The only logical approach that will help keep the US ahead of the oil curve, is to take the strictest worldwide standard and equal or better it as a national requirement.

Anything less will only lead to the collapse of any remaining automotive industry, with any US customers who can afford personal mobility, buying fuel effective vehicles from abroad.

Protectionism cannot work as the US now has insufficient indigenous resources for ‘business as usual’ ;  continual reduction in the ‘resource intensity’ of products and services is the one crucial indigenous resource that must now be ‘mined’ using a viruous circle to liberate the ingenuity necessary.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday January 26, 2009
Contact: Phil Kerpen (202) 349-5880

President Obama Unleashes Regulatory Nightmare on Struggling Auto Industry, Allowing for 50 Separate Auto Emission StandardsAmericans for Prosperity disappointed in Obama’s approach toward regulatory policy

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s executive order allowing each state in the Union to establish its own tailpipe emission standards has single-handedly unleashed a massive new wave of regulatory burden on the struggling auto industry, according to free market advocacy group Americans for Prosperity. Obama has reversed a long-standing rule that vehicle emissions be held to a single national standard. While the final ruling will come from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Obama has removed a presidential limitation that has thus far preserved the uniform standard.

“This is the absolute worst time imaginable to saddle the struggling economy with a massive new set of regulations,” said Americans for Prosperity Policy Director Phil Kerpen. “With the automotive companies already reliant on taxpayer funds to stay afloat, requiring them to produce vehicles that adhere to as many as 50 different emissions standards is ludicrous.”

The executive order comes in response to a request from California and thirteen other states to impose emissions standards that are stricter than federal CAFE standards. Auto companies have long insisted that forcing them to produce a different vehicle for each state is simply too costly…………..

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