Nuclear Power – We can’t make a living cutting one another’s hair!

 Whilst the sentiment may be correct and this Blog takes a neutral stance on nuclear power, the only way to make a living  in the long term is to do the right thing, and there are many things that need doing right before we hail massive investment in new nuclear build.

Let’s keep nuclear alive, but create the Negawatt industies first.


We can’t make a living cutting one another’s hair

“We can’t make a living cutting one another’s hair. At some point you’ve got to make things.” So said Dale Klein, chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in October at the University of Pittsburgh’s Nuclear Engineering Night.

The fact that Pitt was hosting a Nuclear Engineering Night is significant in itself. The fact that the nuclear industry has heeded Commissioner Klein’s call and is making investments to revive the U.S. manufacturing base for nuclear components and fabrication is even more significant.

This past August, Westinghouse and the Shaw Group formed a joint venture to fabricate and assemble structural and equipment modules for the AP1000. The new company, Global Modular Solutions LLC, will feature a 600,000 square-foot facility in Lake Charles, La., scheduled to open this summer. In October, Areva and Northrup Grumman agreed to jointly build a manufacturing and engineering facility in Newport News, Va., to supply the American nuclear energy sector. The 300,000 square-foot facility represents an investment of more than $360 million and will bring more than 500 skilled hourly and salaried jobs to Virginia. Areva Newport News will be the first full-scale manufacturing facility dedicated to supplying heavy components such as reactor vessels, steam generators and pressurizers to the U.S. nuclear energy industry……………

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