The Challenge facing the ‘Symptom’ Based Approach to Sustainability

Last week on the day I read the Report, ‘Acting Now for a positive 2018′, link below I went out in the evening with my Son and four of his friends and their fathers for a meal, a monthly event.

My Son’s friends and fathers run small family businesses and my Son, with an MBA is Sales and Marketing Director of an SME with a multimillion pound turnover in the UK furniture industry. As can be seen below in the clip from the BERR Statistics, 99.9% of all UK enterprises fall into this category.

Here lies the challenge of the sustainability and symptom approach to organizational change; if had put the Report on the table, there is no way that those at the dinner party would have understood its contents, only my Son, Matthew, but he has a boss, a self made millionaire, who equally is closed to the ideas’ presented.

This is the raison d’etre of this Blog, that if we are to enable organizational change on a journey towards sustainability, it has to be in a common language my dinner party would understand, the language of quality. See link below.




SME’s and the Environment

SME Statistics

Sustainability Report



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