Climate Progress

As can be seen from reading our about page, this Blog, whilst not denying the reality of the symptoms affecting us through our reckless and largely ineffective use of fossil fuels and other resources, is concentrating on ways of thinking about liberating the ingenuity in organisations that will create the knowledge and skills to enable solutions.

One of the many blogs taking a symptoms based approach is Climate Progress and readers might want to take a look, and inspiration  at

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Sidebar – Symptom Focused Blogs

“Debate over. Further delay fatal. Action not costly.” This headline pretty much sums up Joe Romm’s message. Romm is a one-man anti-disinformation clearinghouse. His Climate Progressblog, a project of the liberal Center for American Progress, counters bad science and inane rhetoric with original analysis delivered sharply, usually with either humor or incredulity or both. Romm occupies the intersection of climate science, economics and policy. Resist temptation to lump him in with knee-jerk enviros. On his blog and in his most recent book, Hell and High Water,you can find some of the most cogent, memorable, and deployable arguments for immediate and overwhelming action to confront global warming (with infrequent guest bloggers — present company included).

continued at,28804,1730759_1731034_1731042,00.html




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