Coca-Cola Hybrid Delivery Fleet to Become Biggest in North America

In terms of air quality and fuel economy electric or hybrid technology for local delivery vehicles is probably a valuable research effort and investment, in terms of larger vehicles with little in the way of the same stop-start duty cycle the effort seems less so in terms of the, probably maximum, 30% saving quoted .

Investment should be in the reduction in the need for such vehicles by the rediscovery of rail and waterways.

This is highlighted in the clip below from Energy and Capital’s analysis of the Obama infrastructure plan.

Coca-Cola Hybrid Delivery Fleet to Become Biggest in North America

16 January 2009, 16:30:00 | GreenBiz Staff
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Image made available to media by EON with permission from Coca-Cola Enterprises and the Kenworth Truck Company
Coca-Cola Enterprises, the largest bottler of Coke beverages, is more than doubling the size of its hybrid electric delivery fleet and will have 327 green trucks on the road in the U.S. and Canada.
Courtesy Coca-Cola Enterprises

Rail to the Future, or Roads to Nowhere?

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I have hoped as much as the next guy that the next administration will set a new and better course, but I am beginning to have my doubts.

It is abundantly clear to me, as it is to any student of peak oil or anybody who has read my column or my books, that rail is the obvious priority for the future of transportation. Rail is by far the cheapest and most fuel-efficient form of transport, requiring about a third less fuel than air for personal travel, and as little as 3% of the energy for freight.


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